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What is my APS score and how is it calculated?

Updated: May 24, 2021

Your Admission Points Score (APS) is a method of converting your Grade 12/Matric marks into a weighted average to determine admission at Universities in South Africa. In this way, Universities determine which courses you are eligible for. Please note that not all universities use APS to determine qualification eligibility including Stellenbosch University.

Each qualification at each University has an APS requirement and you should understand your score to unpack your qualification alternatives.

How do I calculate APS?

You can use your Grade 11 year end marks as a starting point to allow you to plan your Grade 12/Matric goals. Please note that you should use your NSC/IEB results as part of this process.

First step is to use the table below to convert each of your subject marks into a point and then to add those points together. You should only use your 6 subjects consisting of:

  • Either Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy

  • Your Home Language and Your First Additional Language

  • And your 3 elective subjects (non Advanced Programme Subjects)

Some errors to avoid:

Do not include Life Orientation in your calculation as most universities don't include it.

Only include your non-Advanced programme subjects and exclude Advanced Programme Maths, Advanced Programme English & Advanced Programme Afrikaans.

See an example of a correct calculation below:

Is APS the same at each university?

Unfortunately, each university allocates APS differently to their course framework. That's why a particular degree APS at UCT might differ from the equivalent degree APS at Wits, for example. Some universities also use their own admission calculations and therefore your generic APS will not work everywhere. That's why it is critical to first determine which type of career you wish to pursue. After that, you should research the applicable qualifications at each university before making a decision on which qualifications to pursue.

What if I don't know where to find the different equivalent qualifications and their requirements at the different universities?

No need to worry, Xhuma has dedicated a lot of resources and effort to ensure that all these options and alternatives are clearly mapped out for you. The Xhuma Career Guide is continually updated and the Artificial Intelligence in the module will take it a step further to tell you which career fits your personality, interests and your aptitude. The Xhuma Career Guide contains each qualification in South Africa and allows you to simply pick a career and see each of the qualifications you qualify for with your subjects and marks. It does every calculation for you without you having to waste time or resources to get it right and it will show each equivalent qualification at the different universities. It will also help you plan your Grade 9 subject choices to ensure you choose the correct subjects for the careers you envisage.

Why do I get the feeling I left this a bit late and I should have researched this earlier?

It's never too late to make a quality decision on your career alternatives. Use the tools available to you to catch up and get ahead of your peers.

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