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NSFAS Problems in 2021. Don’t wait too late to find a 2022 bursary.

Maybe you’ve been in the unfortunate position where NSFAS hasn’t settled your outstanding student fees in 2020. This could be preventing you from starting your future career as no institution will release your transcripts or issue your qualification before receiving their payment. At Xhuma we want to encourage you to take positive steps to prevent this from happening again in 2021 and to ensure that your family and loved ones do not experience the same issues you did. Let’s help you learn from others to ensure you increase your likelihood of success.

How bad are these problems?

News24 reported that NSFAS had not issued guidelines for this year’s funding eligibility requirements by March, and that several universities still had not received any outstanding debt owed to them. This only worsens the problem as students have no idea what to expect from NSFAS.

Below are some examples of the amounts outstanding to Tertiary institutions that confirmed debts owed to them:

The shocking reality is that at these institutions alone, there are more than 8500 confirmed cases of students being held back because of series of funding constraints experienced at NSFAS. We want to help you in your developmental journey to ensure you do not experience any interruptions in your funding journey.

What should I apply for?

Just to ensure you increase your likelihood of success, ensure that you apply to various comprehensive corporate bursary opportunities before completing a NSFAS application. In that way you aren’t reliant on NSFAS only and you can decide on a funder with a reputable track record. Each of these funders wish to attract the best talent and they all invest a lot more into your development than merely settling your bills. In the long run, this means a lot more for your future success.

How can Xhuma help?

At Xhuma we’ve already seen a 200% rise in 2021 Tertiary students applying for funding to complete their tertiary qualifications in 2022. Latest news reports indicate that this will only worsen throughout the year. We encourage you to use the Xhuma Bursary Environment to apply to over 50 leading corporates for funding opportunities from your mobile device, even through Whatsapp.

Learn more about how the Xhuma Bursary process works here

Start a 2022 Bursary Application here

Till next time.

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